Hello! Or "Howdy," as we say in Texas. Welcome to my site. I appreciate your taking the time to learn more about me.

I am blessed with a diverse background as a business performance consultant, Executive coach, motivational speaker/author, and television/ event producer and director.

I started my career many moons ago (too many to count), working in the leadership development/ performance analysis space. Basically, my job was helping individuals, departments/teams and companies get from where they were to where they wanted to be by identifying the root cause/ problems and developing solutions for overcoming "said" issues. After many years in that field, I launched a production company, mHe3 Productions, to feed my creative soul and help clients with media and marketing needs. Now, I feel like I am working at my dream job - 1. Helping clients solve issues and achieve their desired outcomes  2. Producing meaningful, FUN television and live events (on-time and on budget)! 3. Speaking at conferences, retreats, corporate events, etc. and sharing REAL experiences of how YOU (and/ or your organization) can achieve REAL results.    

In addition to mHe3 Productions, I run a women’s mastermind group (Women of Excellence), designed to be a safe, supportive place for women to take off the mask, collaborate, and learn and grow. If you want more info, simply fill out the “Book Me” form, and I’ll be in touch.

Finally, I am the Founder of H3 Ministries, a 501(c)3 committed to sharing the hope, help, and healing power of Christ through media, live events, resources/ publications, and mentorship. Some of H3 Ministries’ programs include S.E.E., a 28-day self-esteem program for girls ages 7-17; 50 States 30 Days (a kindness campaign launching 2019); and the book, Diary of an Unbroken Heart. www.h3ministries.org

My style combines compassion and confrontation (yes, I discuss the tough stuff) in an effort to be a conduit for change. What that means in practical terms is Heart + Head + Hard = Help in getting where you (or your organization) wants to be. I’m a Dream Activator, of sorts.

I am passionate about change and growth! Why? Because I have experienced quite a bit of transformation in my own life (both personally and professionally) and know REAL CHANGE and LASTING RESULTS are possible!

While I LOVE my work, my REAL LOVE is my faith in Jesus Christ and my incredible family.  We are a blended family (which brings its own set of unique opportunities) and parents of the sweetest, curly blonde haired boy (need I say more?).

My personal motto: "Believe! Anything is possible; let the journey begin."

If you are ready to begin your journey and go from where you are to where you REALLY WANT TO BE, then contact me! I would love to help you get there.