It's Okay To Change Your Mind

I set a big, giant goal for 2019. It was something that I absolutely, positively 100% wanted to accomplish. I put it on my vision board. I began planning tasks that would help me achieve it. I was on track to make this big thing happen until….

I followed my own advice.

When working with clients, whether businesses or individuals, I have them define WHAT they want, WHY they want it, and WHAT they will have to do to get there. This is an arduous process that takes lots of time and detail to accomplish it effectively. After it’s completed, we review it, and then I have them answer one question. “Are you willing, and able, to do everything it will take to accomplish your goal?” 9 times out of 10, they are quick to answer, “YES!,” only to change their minds after we drill down on all of the ins and outs it’s going to take to get there.

For instance, let’s say a new mom wants to lose 10 pounds of baby weight. That’s the WHAT. She wants to do this to feel better about herself and fit into pre-baby clothes. That’s her WHY. In order to accomplish this goal, she must hit the gym several times a week, lay off of desserts, eat healthier, etc. That’s WHAT she has to do to accomplish this goal. The challenge is she’s a single mom and getting to the gym regularly might be difficult. In addition, she’s breastfeeding, and her body requires more. After looking at all of these things, she may decide to change her mind and set a more do-able goal.

For me, this year was going to be the year I rolled out incredible social media content to help people be their best. I created the content and a calendar for posting and was super excited to use my social media platform in a planned, purposeful, and positive way. I was ready to launch until…I had a conversation with my four-year-old son. I asked him what his was most important to his mom. His answer, “Work.” OUCH! This conversation made me re-evaluate my plan for the year. This social media “thing” I had planned maybe right for me, but not right now. My point in sharing this is to give a real-life example of how “life happens,” and it’s absolutely okay to change your mind.

One word of caution, I highly recommend NOT changing your mind because it gets too hard to accomplish your goal. Trust me, if your goals are lofty, it absolutely will get difficult on your road to success. That’s when we remember our WHY and phone our friends for moral support.

Go back to your WHAT (your goals for the year) and WHY you want to accomplish them. List WHAT it’s going to take to succeed, every single detail. Ask yourself the question, “Are you willing, and able, to do everything it will take to accomplish your goal?” If not, it’s okay to change your mind.