And the winner is...Miss Shorty

Think about a dream that’s been in your heart or on your mind for a long time. When you think about this dream, I’m guessing it makes your heart soar and your mind race.

Then, suddenly, your whisked back to reality. Your dream hasn’t been fulfilled…YET! A delay of a dream coming true does not mean a denial of that dream coming true.

Let me give you a real-life example. I knew a girl who desperately wanted to win a big beauty pageant; not just a small local contest but something big like Miss Texas. The only problem was she was really short, and typically, beauty queens were tall. Many people told her she would never make it in the beauty pageant circuit. Did she let that stop her? No, because she had a dream.

She competed and got third runner up. But the story does not end there. Due to an absolutely insane series of events, the title winner was unable to fulfill her duties so the crown went to the first-runner up. The first-runner up was unable to fulfill her duties so it went to the second-runner up. The second runner-up refused the crown so guess who got to be queen, Miss Shorty. Unbelievable!

What are those unfilled longings you have in your heart? Write them down and place them in a spot where you can look at them frequently. Visualize yourself achieving those things and then do things that will help you get closer to those dreams. Finally, surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, too!

For me, I have a dream of traveling 50 states in 30 days, on a kindness campaign of sorts. Many people have said it can’t be done, and they have laughed at my big dream. Yet, I have campers and travel trailers posted all over my office as a reminder of what I WILL do. I have mapped out my route and calculated my costs. And I have great friends who send me inspirational notes and texts, reminding me to believe in this crazy travel adventure.

I dare all of us to dream BIGGER and then DO something about it! After all, anything is possible if we only believe.