Areas of Expertise


Do you have the "fire" burning within you (or your organization) to make things happen but need some help in expediting and/ or navigating the process? 

I have been called a game-changer, a fixer and a problem-solver. I am extremely gifted at looking at the big picture and developing a tactical, practical strategy for achieving success. 

My bottom-line, results-oriented performance consulting process helps you measure your return on investments and, equally as important, see REAL RESULTS! 

Television/ Live Event Producer director

Are you planning a fabulous corporate event, nonprofit fundraiser or team-building outing and need some help with audio visual services? Or perhaps you have a big idea for a television series but have no clue how to get it on air. 

Let me take your concept from vision to actuality or your idea from script to screen. As a proven producer/ director with over 100 plus hours of designing and delivering content on a multitude of platforms (live events, digitally and on television), I have learned the ins and outs of executing WOW content without an "Oh Wow" budget. 


Do you want to engage your audience with interactive, meaningful, customized, FUN content that will result in changed behavior?

This is my forté. With over 1000 plus hours in delivering key note presentations, team-building events, women's retreats, and break-out sessions, I have learned what makes adults tick. More importantly, I know how to appeal to adult learners so that they take what they hear/ see/ learn and transfer back to their home and work environments. Plus, I can actually measure results! Yes, it's true! There is actual a hard return to soft skills training!